The Top Destinations To Charter A Private Yacht

When it comes to chartering a private yacht, it is no surprise that most people look for two things – warm weather and clear water. Of course, this makes sense; if you’re going to spend serious time on a boat, you want to be as comfortable as possible! These top destinations for chartering a yacht typically include both of these conditions, although you may be surprised to find that some of the places you can take a private yacht to may not be what you expect. Continue reading

Evolving Technology Calls For Specialized Technology Insurance

One of the reasons why we all love technology is the fact that it is constantly changing. One only has to look back at the different data servers and computers in office buildings ten years ago compared to today in order to understand the rapidly changing technological world. Aside from hardware, the mere fact that businesses now have so much of their data stored on the “cloud” is another factor to consider. Technology that is always changing will pose a number of liability issues for businesses, which is why it is so important to consider technology insurance. Continue reading

Some Initial Considerations As You Contemplate Divorce

Divorce is stressful, hard on the pocketbook, and brutally hard on all those involved – family, friends and colleagues. If there happen to be children involved, the whole ordeal can easily become an emotional nightmare. These issues aside, the conflict over monetary considerations can be as intense as any human issue. Here are some of the more taxing considerations one can expect to face when setting out on the road to a decree nisi (the final piece of paper you receive at the end of the arguing, stress, pain and tears.   Continue reading

The Trends in Kitchen Renovations for 2016

Kitchen renovations are completely changing the way we purchase homes, and live within them. Not only can you take a kitchen that you completely hate and turn it into something you love, but you can make it more useful, as well. These top trends in kitchen renovations will make you want to transform the kitchen that is inside your home, and make it a one of a kind place to spend your time. Continue reading

How To Decide If A Divorce Mediator Is Right For You

Divorce can come about at any time in life. Some couples decide to end their marriage after a short period of time when they realize they have differences that they don’t feel they can work out. Others stay married through children and grandchildren before deciding to go their separate ways. Every couple is unique in some ways and they have special considerations in their divorce. One thing that most couples have in common is the desire to get through their divorce as quickly and inexpensively as possible. Continue reading

Top 5 Promotional Product Suppliers

Promotional products are one of the best ways to boost your business, promote a brand, increase sales and improve employee satisfaction. Choosing the perfect promotional product for advertisements has a great impact on customer satisfaction as compared to other advertisement options including bill boards, television and radio. Advertising through TV and print media are considered to be more expensive when compared to promotional product marketing. Some of the top 5 promotional product supplier are listed below: Continue reading

Top 5 Techniques For Successful Mediation Between Businesses

The volatility in business today means having to remain vigilant against multiple fronts including during those times when disputes occur between businesses such as vendors, competitors, employees, customers, clients, and contractors. If the dispute is not handled promptly and effectively, there could be public impact with products and services as well as branding, in general and ultimately the bottom line. Continue reading